RV Water Heater Anode Rod

An anode rod is a crucial component of a water heater and plays a vital role in preventing corrosion. It’s a long metal rod generally made of a) magnesium and b) aluminum-zinc elements.

The main function of these metal rods is to protect the tank from corrosion by sacrificing themselves. For this reason, they have another name “sacrificial anode rod” Let us explain how this protecting process by sacrificing works.

The metals we counted above (magnesium and aluminum zinc) are chemically more active than the water heater tank’s inner linings’ metals. The water in the tank contains minerals. Since the anode rods’ metals are active, the minerals in the water react with the anodes not with your tank. So the tank of the heater is protected. 

Save Your Money

A new RV water heater costs about $500-$700 but a new anode rod for an RV is only about $9-$12. Replacing the water heater’s anode rod protects it from corrosion, rust and lengthens its lifespan. You should inspect and check the condition of the RV’s anode rod every year. 

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More Information

If you want to get to know more about corrosion you can check these web pages:
NASA has a Corrosion Engineering Laboratory at J. F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and in this center NASA has a Corrosion Test Site, a Coatings Application Facility, and an Indoor Corrosion Laboratory. You can watch an educational video and a presentation about corrosion on the website below:

An Educational Short Video AboutThe Corrosion of Metals

A 6 minutes video about “Corrosion’s definition and how to stop it”


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